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Solder & Solder Paste

We offer AIM Solder, A leading global manufacturer of tin-lead and lead-free solder assembly materials for the electronics industry. The AIM product line includes solder paste, liquid flux, bar solder, wire solder, solder preforms, adhesives, cleaners, chemicals, plating, anodes, indium alloys, and gold alloys. The product line includes a wide variety of lead-free solder alloys.

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  • No-Clean - Cored Wire, Flux, & Paste

  • Water Soluble - Cored Wire, Flux, & Paste

  • Rosin Based - Cored Wire, Flux, & Paste

  • Epoxies and Underfills - Surface Mount

  • Chemicals and Cleaners - Flux Thinner, Stencil Cleaner, & Saponifier

  • Alloys - SN100C, SN63/PB37, SAC305 & More